Why a Vitamin C night cream?

The skin is the outer most layer, the largest and the most important organ in our body. It basically acts as the primary shield that protects other tissues of the body from harmful substances present in the outer environment. Healthy skin has a high concentration of Vitamin C, but it’s observed that vitamin C level lowers with excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays and as the skin ages. So what happens when vitamin C level goes down? The skin loses its important functions, failing to protect the body tissues, which in turn gives rise to skin problems. With that being said, the Vitamin Night Cream does not just consist vitamin C but several other ingredients that can help you welcome your new healthy, happy skin!

Why Use Vitamin C Night Cream?

  1. Turn Back The Clock - For centuries women have turned to Vitamin C for youthful,   wrinkle-free skin. Where exposure of skin to UV rays decreases skin’s natural vitamin C, adding vitamin C to your daily skin routine helps decrease the damage caused by harmful UV rays. It also increases collagen protein synthesis, that helps repair damaged skin, leaving you with smooth, plump skin. While Vitamin C itself can do wonders to get you ageless skin, the product puts together various miracle ingredients to expedite your skin goals. Another primary ingredient of the cream, rosehip seed oil, contains vitamin A which is a proven anti-ager. It works to give an even skin tone, fade dark spots and eventually minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. On the other hand, Cocoa butter present in the cream slows down the aging of the skin, improving skin's hydration, skin elasticity and it’s complexion, by exfoliating dead cells and making way for new ones.

  1. Fight Acne The Right Way - If you suffer from acne and have tried several drug store spot treatment creams which temporarily work to make your pimple disappear, but you are still visited by an acne witch who waves her acne wand right when you have a major event to go to, you’re not doing it right. This is because the creams aren’t treating the problem from the root. MSM is known to strengthen the skin's support matrix and helps combat conditions such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis right from the bottom. This along with Cocoa butter is the perfect mixture for reducing acne and pimples. Lastly, the magical ingredient, famously known and recommended by our mothers and grandmothers - coconut oil. It contains fatty acids that possess antimicrobial properties, that protect the skin from harmful bacteria, and helps treat acne the right way.

  1. Reduce Inflammation - If you have super sensitive skin and more often than not, wake up with patchy red spots all over your face, and always wondered how to break up with the puffiness on your face, you’ve found the perfect solution. The presence of Dimethyl Sulfone in the cream has powerful detoxifying properties fights inflammatory bacteria. Chamomile is also extremely beneficial when it comes to treating triggers for the skin with its ability to neutralize free radicals that cause skin allergies. Another great ingredient present in the cream is Macadamia Nut Oil, which has the benefits of Omega 6, that helps treat inflammation as well.

  1. Hydrated Skin - Just like your body, your skin needs to breathe and have a certain amount of water content to stay hydrated. Apart from drinking water to maintain this water retention, it’s also important to add a cream that helps prevent further moisture loss. Cocoa butter present in this night cream can hence do the honor. It keeps the skin hydrated, retains the skin’s elasticity, and is a great exfoliant, that removes all the unwanted dead cells present on the top layer of the skin. While cocoa butter itself is a great constituent to help keep the skin fresh, Macadamia Nut Oil present in the cream helps restore the skin’s barrier function preventing any further water loss. For sensitive skin, Borage oil, that has a high level of GLA, has incredible hydrating benefits. It also provides the skin with essential fatty acids that it lacks, making the skin look extremely fresh and healthy.

  1. Moisturize - One of the most confusing topics is hydration vs moisture. While most people believe it’s one and the same, facts remain that they are two very different procedures. When skin lacks water, it needs to be hydrated. On the other hand, when it lacks essential oils needed to function, it needs to be moisturized. Macadamia Nut Oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids that help in keeping the skin moisturized. The combination of coconut oil and vitamin B 5 act as great moisturizers as well.

Why Go For A Night Cream?

Dermatologists, as well as skincare experts over the globe, believe that a consistent skin care routine is what gets you a glowing skin. While a day cream is much lighter and can leave you with a smooth base for your makeup, a night cream is much thicker in texture, so it won’t be absorbed by the skin quickly. While a day cream helps to give you a better texture to apply make-up, the later rejuvenates your skin, leaving your skin perfect for the no-makeup days.

The skin is said to be more active at night and is proved to absorb more active ingredients at night compared to the day. The skin’s cell regeneration power is higher when you are asleep. Hence, adding a night cream to your daily skin regime can help you clear skin’s dirt going deep in the pores and preventing skin tissues from getting damaged by renewing dead cells.

Keeping the skin healthy and hydrated is the only way to achieve flawless skin. Keep your night cream right by your bedside and on the nights that you feel too lazy to go in front of the mirror and do a full skin routine, just dab on some cream while you lay on your bed. This will ensure that you never skip out this step and wake up with fresh, hydrated skin!

Emily Baker