Benefits of Topical Anti-Oxidants

Anti Oxidants and its nature

Oxidation is something that’s common in nature, we've all heard that eatables can easily get oxidized after a point if left open. When it comes to skin, the free radicals present in the skin that is supposed to help keep your skin’s elasticity intact, react when affected by ultraviolet light. Hence, neutralizing these free radicals is how you can keep the skin from being oxidized. Unpaired electrons present in the outer layer of the skin are like warriors without a shield. Antioxidants act as a shield to these cells, that binds these cells together without letting them affect any other cells present in the skin to prevent any harmful damage to the skin.

Anti Oxidants and Their Benefits

Green Tea

Best for - Soothing The Skin

Green tea apart from being good for your stomach and health, is known to be the skin’s best friend. It soothes the skin, keeps it fresh and acts as an antioxidant. It's full of polyphenols that scavenge free radicals and help heal wounds faster. It also acts treats inflammation, keeping the skin healthy.


Best for - Treating Irritants

Cucumber, an easily available ingredient at our home, is the most recommended natural product by our mothers. Most of us have grown up watching skincare advertisements on tv where cucumber is cut and kept on the eyes leaving eyes fresh and woke. This is because it has EGCG, a powerful antioxidant that treats skin damage caused by UV rays.

Vitamin C

Best for - Younger Looking Skin

Vitamin C has the power to boost the skin’s collagen production that gives the skin firmer, plumper and smooth skin. It's known for treating and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, making the skin look younger. It fights free radicals along treating any damage caused by UV rays.

Vitamin E

Best For - Treat Skin Damage

Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant when applied topically, helps reverse any damage caused to skin by any harmful components in the air. Especially skin when exposed to UV rays damages skin. This is a perfect treat for your skin.

Sea-Based Retin

Best For - Improves Texture and Blood Flow

Sea-Based Retin is highly effective in reversing skin aging and damage caused by UV rays. It improves skin texture, decreases fine lines and wrinkles, improves blood flow and collagen production. As for the pores, it helps clean deep pores and minimize and tightens them.


Best For - Treat inflammation and soothe tired eyes

The tannins present in this product helps astringents dry up secretions and relieve the eyes from inflammation and treat tired eyes, making it look fresh.

Dandelion and Geranium

Best for - Help keep the skin healthy

While Geranium has the properties that help treat acne and reduce inflammation, dandelion, on the other hand, is a great antioxidant when it comes to preventing cellular damage. Beta-carotene present in this helps treat any oxidate stress as well.

Witch Hazel

Best For - Protect Skin Against Any Damage

As the name suggests, it has mystical, magical powers to treat any damage caused to the skin. It has tannins, a natural plant compound responsible to treat skin gently, freeing itself from any damage.


Best For - Treating Dark Circles

In this fast moving life, living in cities that never sleep, it’s difficult to get a good sleep. Insomnia, overthinking and restless often keeps people up at night, leaving them tired, sleepy the night morning. This often affects work life and leave panda eyes eventually. While concealers can do wonders when it comes to covering these up, the no-makeup days are difficult to get through as no matter how hydrated the rest of the face looks, the dark circle around the eyes gives away the whole look. Here is where licorice comes in the picture. This has all the compounds needed to treat these stubborn dark circles who and other dark spots on the face who never seem to go away. Apart from the sleep routine, our skin often affected by stressors that have extremely negative effects on the skin. Licorice prevents these from happening, the antioxidants act as a shield to the skin, and the presence of ‘licochalcone’ helps keep the oil producing glands in check, which is a blessing for oily skin.

Organic Coconut Oil

Best For - Moisturizing the Skin

The medium-chan fatty acids present in coconut has antimicrobial properties that help keep acne away from the skin. It protects the skin from harmful bacteria that can damage the skin cells and make them look dull and old. It’s a great ingredient when it comes to treating inflammation and keeping the skin moisturized.

Organic Sunflower Oil

Best for - Develops New Skin Cells.

Organic sunflower oil is known for its inflammatory properties as well as acne fighting bacteria. It is high in Omega-6 fatty acids as well as vitamin E. This helps breaking down dull rough skin and making way for fresher, healthy skin cells.

Avocado Oil

Best For - Lightening the Skin

Apart from this being a yummy option for our tummies, it has great skin benefits as well. It is rich in fatty acids, that help lighten the skin. As excessive expose to sun and UV rays can damage the skin, eventually leading to hyperpigmentation, treating this with any harsh chemical can cause side effects and worsen the problem. Hence, avocado oil is a natural remedy that can get your complexion back without damaging the skin tissues.

Organic Aloe

Best For - Retaining the moisture

Organic aloe is like a blessing in disguise for your skin, as it is packed with vitamin A and C, that is high anti-inflammatory, that can help treat burns, dry skin, as well as acne. It’s the perfect solution to all skin problems. Recommended by our mothers to dermatologists all over the world, it’s proved to live up to it’s hype time and again. When applied topically, it can help keep the skin hydrated, letting it breathe, and help retain the moisture.

Emily Baker